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Go by train and bus!

Get there by train and bus, then 5 days of walking awaits you. Enjoy the magnificent scenery from the "Eislek" to the "Guttland". If you get tired along the way, you can take trains and buses to your final destination! Adapt the itineraries to your own pace!

Walk at your own pace!
Too tired to continue? Change your tour and take the trains and/or buses to reach your final destination.


 4 nights / 5 days

Robbesscheier in Munshausen
Hôtel Aux Tanneries de Wiltz in Wiltz
Hôtel Dahm in Erpeldange-sur-Sûre
Hôtel Martha in Beringen / Mersch

  • 4 breakfasts
  • 4 lunch packs
  • 4 dinners


  • Double room: from 500€ per person
  • Single room: from 630€ per person
  • departure station: Troisvierges line 10
  • arrival station: Mersch line 10 or Mamer line 50
  • free luggage transport on reservation
Make all your trips by public transport or by foot.
Plan your trips with the CFL apps.
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Day 1:
  • Départure Troisvierges station to Munshausen, about 18 km
  • Check-in at Robbesscheier in Munshausen
  • dinner
Day 2:
  • breakfast
  • lunch pack
  • Départure  Munshausen to Wiltz, about 30 km
  • Check-in at the hotel "Aux Tanneries de Wiltz" with welcome drink
  • access to the indoor swimming pool
  • dinner
Day 3:
  • breakfast
  • lunch pack
  • from Wiltz to Kautenbach by train
  • from Kautenbach to Erpeldange, about 30 km
  • Check-in  at the hotel Dahm à Erpeldange-sur-Sûre
  • dinner
Day 4:
  • breakfast
  • lunch pack
  • départure in Erpeldange-sur-Sûre to Mersch, about 31 km
  • Check in at the hotel Martha à Beringen / Mersch
  • dinner
Day 5
  • breakfast
  • lunch pack
  • suggestion: last hiking tour :
  • End of your tour

For your comfort:
  • ​For your activities travel by train or by bus
  • Free public transport inLuxembourg
  • Plan your trips with the CFL Mobile App

Subject to availability at the time of booking.The services offered as part on the package are not amendable.
Reservation requests must be sent to the agency at least three working days before the required travel date.