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Traveling in groups has never been easier!

Plan your group travel with flexibility, without prior formalities, you can now freely access trains for your group trips. Our team remains at your disposal for organizing your major events via our excursion service (

To make the most of your group outing, follow our tips for comfortable travel on board the trains :

  • Plan your journey easily on our website and stay informed about ongoing works that could impact your trip (CFL works).
  • Allow appropriate time for your respective connections at stations and transfer stops.
  • Avoid peak hours, that is before 9 am and after 4 pm.
  • Stay informed in real-time with our CFL Mobile app to follow your journeys and connections.

The onboard train staff is at your disposal to assist and guide you throughout your journey.

Travelling by bus

Requests for group travel by bus services are not processed by the CFL. If you use bus services, please inform here:

RGTR (Mobilitéitszentral) +352 2465 2465
AVL (Ville de Luxembourg) +352 4796 2975
TICE (Esch-sur-Alzette) +352 574232 1


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Enjoy attractive fares throughout Europe. We have a range of interesting suggestions, depending on your destination country. Benefit from seductive fares if travelling in groups of minimum 6 people.

Discover also our attractive offers for mini groups in Germany and the Greater Region.

Associations, companies, schools or families: Europe is within reach by train.

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