Do you want to travel in an eco-friendly way, by using your bike?
From your home to your workplace? Or simply from a train station to your home or workplace?

Opt for the mBox: a secure box for your bike that can be accessed with your multifunctional mKaart. This card not only allows you to have your public transport tickets with you, but it’s also your personal key to access the various mBoxes.

The simplest way to get free access to the mBoxes is to order it here and charge it on your mKaart at one of the many Pick Up stations.
The mBox stations are currently installed at 40 different train stations, while bike sheds are available for passengers at many other stations.
Check here whether your train station has an mBox or a bike shed.

Do you prefer to take your bike with you throughout your train journey? No problem.
There are special secure spaces on the trains where you can leave your bike so that you can travel as comfortably as possible.
For any further information about our "onboard bike service", check it here.