The bicycle, an expression of personal and ecological mobility, is considered beneficial for health and is perfectly suited for short and medium distances.

Even longer journeys, combined with other mobility solutions (train, bus, tram and funicular) are easily achievable.

Today, the national cycle path network covers a distance of over 600 kilometres and is being continuously extended to a total length of 950 kilometres. 

Also take a look at the CFL Bike & Rail cycle paths, which take you from station to station and make it easy to get there and to get home.

Some towns offer bike sharing services. This simple and practical system allows you to easily make your local trips thanks to self-service bicycles. Take the time to check the network of available stations, the terms of use and registration.

For your bike tours, have a carefree trip in public transport by renting a bike at destination. Across the country, many bike rental providers are waiting for you to advise you and make available a bike that suits you according to the type of your adventure.

Do you consider taking your bicycle on train or do you need a parking stand at the station?

Find out in advance and visit our on board services and station services pages.

Transport of bicycles can only be provided within
the limits of space available on the trains.