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Discover Flex
Discover Flex

The carsharing solution offered by CFL

mbox becomes bikebox

bikebox is your solution for a secure bicylce parking close to the public transport


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Secure parking for your bike

In order to ensure better protection of bicycles against theft and vandalism, secure bikebox hubs are located in the immediate vicinity of public transport.

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Think about our carsharing solutions!

Be highly flexible, thanks to our carsharing offer FLEX! If you need a car, there’s always a FLEX nearby!

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Safely on the move

Keep your reflexes sharp with the CFL awareness campaigns.

Kiddy Train Box
10 Steps to Rail Cool



Working for your mobility of tomorrow

Our engineering works are aimed at developing our services.

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CFL cactus shoppi & Snack O'Quai

Get your snack at Luxembourg station and on the platforms, with Cactus Shoppi and Snack O'Quai.


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Travelling at your fingertips!

Thanks to the CFL apps, plan your trip and manage your parking, it's in your pocket! Discover the national CFL mobile app Discover the CFL International App Discover the new Park + Ride CFL App



Much more than a transport provider

Besides its missions in the domains of passenger and freight transport, the offer of logistical services or the management of the national rail network, Group CFL, more precisely its subsidiaries, is also active in real estate management, travel advice and booking as well as the management of its carsharing offer.