P+R CFL app
Your parking space in your pocket

The P+R CFL app answers all your needs and questions about parking your car. The icing on the cake : you get 24 hours of free parking if you combine the use of the P+R with a trip by train, bus or  an active mobility option.


Exclusivity for Rodange , Mersch and Belval-Université

Your parking space in your pocket

The new P+R CFL app is available for the P+R Rodange, Mersch and Belval-Université (from 18.09.23)

Free 24-hour parking if you combine the use of the P+R with a trip by train, bus or active mobility option.

The area in question varies depending on the P+R. In general, it is a zone of about 1.5 kilometers around it.

Frequently asked questions



​Register multiple cars in the app and, enter and exit the P+R without contact thanks to the automatic number-plate recognition.

Share cars with family members or close friends. This way, a flexible use of several cars is possible in a household.

Pay automatically with the app without going through the on-site P+R checkout.


Tailor-made information

To safe time, before you start your journey by car, simply have a look at hte P+R CFL app to find out the occupancy rate of your preferred P+R.

Know the complete history of your parking sessions and tickets.

You can register multiple cars and share the cars with your family or close friends.


Easy access

Download the P+R CFL app and benefit from easier payments via the methods available in the app.

This new app allows you to manage your billing cycle and ongoning subscription.

Enjoy a synoptic view of all active tickets, check the car location, arrival time, and the final fee.

Register before you enter the P+R and get 24 hours of free parking when you leave the P+R area to continue your journey by train, bus or any other active mobility option.


P+R CFL app

Easy with CFL P+R app !
Take advantage of the practical features of the new P+R CFL app.