Frequently asked questions

It is possible to download the application on the Android PlayStore or on the IOS AppStore.
It is also possible to download the application using the QR codes present on the CFL leaflets, at the car park or on our website.

Click on "register" to start creating an account.
1. Fill in all the fields with an asterisk.
2. Agree with the terms and that you read the privacy notice
3. Click on "save" to finish your account

Check your email for a similar as above.
Copy the user creation code into the field "code" and click on  "submit" to activate your account.
Your account is set and you can connect to the app with your email adress and your password.
No, you do not have to buy a subscription. There are three possibilities.

1. You can pay for an open parking session directly in the application.
2. When you take advantage of the 24-hour free parking when leaving a given zone around the car park, no payment is required. The ticket will close automatically.
3. If you do not wish to take advantage of the 24-hour free parking offer, you can purchase a monthly subscription.

When you leave the approximately 1.5 km perimeter around the car park, you will be notified on your smartphone that you have been granted free parking for your number plate. If the application is not open on your smartphone, you will need to open it briefly once you are about 1.5 km from the car park, and until you get the notification. Similarly, at the entrance you will have to confirm your "check-in" at the P+R in a first phase. A notification will remind you 5 minutes after entering the P+R in the event the check-in has not yet been completed.

No. When using the P+R CFL application, it is not compulsory to pay for the car park before exiting; you can pay even after exiting. However, you will not be able to enter a P+R as long as you have an open ticket.

No. As this is a P+R for CFL customers, parking spaces are never guaranteed even if you use the P+R CFL application or have purchased a subscription.

Yes, you can enter up to 5 number plates in the P+R CFL app. You can also share these number plates with other users of the P+R CFL application; your family for example.

You can contact us at the email address pr-info@cfl.lu. We will reply as soon as possible.

If you have any problems at the P+R itself, you can contact a supervisor at the terminal via intercom, or by telephone on +352 2489-4516.

Yes, the only way to benefit from 24 hours of free parking is to use the mobile application with activated geolocation.

The geolocation is only active until the validation of the exit of the zone. When a new geolocation is performed, the previous geolocations are deleted. Geolocation stops automatically when you leave the given zone around the car park, or when the ticket is closed if you have not left the zone.

In this case, you must use a paper ticket which will be charged according to the hourly rate displayed.
Geolocation is only possible with the use of the application on your smartphone on.

It is possible to generate a QR code manually for entering the car park by creating a new ticket.
It is also possible, by clicking on the active ticket in the application, to generate the QR code corresponding to your ticket.
The entrance and exit terminals of the car park are equipped with readers for these QR codes.

Manual entry:

Manuel Exit:

You can also contact support at +352 2489-4516.