Planning your journey and assistance when traveling by train.

You wish to travel with the Luxembourgish railways? Please contact us for a helping hand.

Most of the services offered to PRM, are also accessible to people traveling with luggage, baby carriage, bicycles and sport equipment.

Concerning our buses and trains, we are focused to replace them with low-floor equipment, access ramps and toilets suitable for those with limited mobility.

For bus trips, availability is limited, transport by ADAPTO is recommended.

Our trains stations are currently under rework for a more inclusive journey experience in the years to come.

For further information about our network’s accessibility visit the website and use the EureWelcome app.

Your personal data is collected and processed by the CFL to process your request, under the conditions mentioned in our information notice.

Planning your PRM journey and assistance when traveling by train

Domestic journey

Please submit your request
at least 1 hour before your departure and at the latest at 20:30 for departures on the same day

International journey

Please submit your request
24 h beforehand

For all requests, please contact :

You must not, however we recommend you to contact us before your trip for the reasons detailed after.
For international journeys, we advise to informed us about your trip in order to guaranty assistance during the complete journey.
For international journeys without mandatory seat booking : we recommend to identify yourself as PRM (person with reduced mobility) as you are eligible for specific services.  
We wish to offer all our clients with the same quality of service, thus we align offer according to your needs. We recommend you to inform us in advance about your trip, for the following reasons :
  • We are currently renewing our train fleet, which means the oldest ones are not equipped to welcome wheelchairs. Once informed, we can take the necessary steps to help you travel in the most comfortable way. a change of platform, for instance, to insure access or the preparation of an alternative offer.
  • Most stations were built when the ease of access for everybody was not a priority. We are modernizing our facilities in this direction, however works are performed station after station. Therefore we cannot yet guaranty access to each one of our facilities. When we are informed, we can share details about the current level of accessibility of your facilities and advise on the best way to commute.
  • With an exponential increase of clients within the last years, we are working on maintaining and improving the quality of our infrastructure and of our service. This implies regular maintenance and constructions works leading to traffic stop, and sometime to block access to our facilities. During construction we might have to stop train traffic and replace them by buses. In such cases, we cannot ensure transport of PRM, however by informing us in advance, we can organize alternative transportation.
  • Indeed organizing alternative transportation requires a bit of time : we need to know where you are, where you wish to go to and what type of support you need.
When to inform us about your trip ?
  • at least 1 hour before your departure and at the latest at 20:30 for departures on the same day
  • 24 hours minimum beforehand for an international journey. 
How to inform us ?
  • By phone : +352 2489 2489
  • By mail:
  • At our ticket offices

Station service staff and station manager are there to give you a hand through the train station and to your train.

In the stations of Luxembourg, Ettelbruck, Wasserbillig, Esch/Alzette, Belval-Université, Pétange and Rodange, station managers are there to give you a give you a hand through the train station and to your train. However in smaller stations, there is no staff on-spot. Please inform us beforehand so we can organize your trip.

Numerous stations are equipped with accessible park spaces, we offer at least one accessible park place at each station/stop. Find all detailed information for the station/stop of your choice here.

In order to know if the stations/stop of your choice includes the necessary infrastructure in order to allow barrier-free travelling, please refer to the details page of your station/stop.

SOS-boxes, enabling to call the CFL-staff from the platform can be found in the following stations/stops :
  • Belval-Lycée : 2 SOS-boxes (platform)
  • Belval-Université: 2 SOS-boxes (platform), 2 SOS-boxes (P&R)
  • Berchem: 2 SOS-boxes
  • Bertrange-Strassen: 2 SOS-boxes
  • Cents-Hamm: 1 SOS-box
  • ​Dommeldange: 1 SOS-box
  • Dudelange Centre. 1 SOS-box
  • Dudelange Usine: 2 SOS-boxes
  • Dudelange Ville: 1 SOS-box
  • Esch/Alzette: 1 SOS-box
  • Howald: 2 SOS-boxes (platform)
  • Lamadelaine: 2 SOS-boxes (platform)
  • Leudelange: 2 SOS-boxes (platform)
  • Luxembourg: 1 SOS-box
  • Mamer-Lycée: 2 SOS-boxes (platform)
  • Noertzange: 2 SOS-boxes (platform)
  • Oberkorn: 2 SOS-boxes
  • Pétange: 2 SOS-boxes (platform)
  • Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg: 9 SOS-boxes
  • Sandweiler-Contern: 2 SOS-boxes (platform)
  • Schifflange: 2 SOS-boxes
  • Schouweiler: 2 SOS-boxes (platform)
  • Wasserbillig: 2 SOS-boxes (platform)

The following stations are labeled :

  • Bascharage
  • Belval-Lycée
  • Belval-Université
  • Cents-Hamm
  • Dippach-Reckange
  • Dommeldange
  • Dudelange-Burange
  • Dudelange-Centre
  • Dudelange-Usines
  • Dudelange-Ville
  • Howald
  • Lamadelaine
  • Leudelange
  • Luxembourg
  • Mersch
  • Noertzange
  • Oberkorn
  • Pétange
  • Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg
  • Sandweiler-Contern
  • Schifflange
  • Schouweiler
  • Wilwerwiltz


For bus trips, availability is limited, transport by ADAPTO is recommended.

There is currently one tactile map located in Belval train station.

There is no facility dedicated to dogs in our stations. We advise to anticipate the dog needs and to bring required equipment with you.

Yes, announcements are made on the platform and inside the stations.

Digital screens inform in French only. Should you look for any information or schedule details in German or English, please visit our app “CFL mobile”. This app additionally provides real time information on one particular or several  trains and will inform you about possible perturbations via push notification.

At all time, the CFL staff on the platform will answer all your question.

  • On the platforms, digital screens inform you about train arrival and departure in real time.
  • On mobile equipment, the app “CFL mobile” provides information in real time. Moreover, configuring alarms for one or more trains or for a specific travel period, will push notifications on your smartphone to inform you about perturbations.

  • During modernization, maintenance or extensions works, signs on the platform and inside the stations will inform about construction periods, alternative transportations and bus schedules.

  • At any time, the CFL staff on the platform will answer all your question.

The most recent type of trains announces automatically on which side the customer has to get off the train. Please contact our staff aboard to help you getting off the train.

Calendars providing all details (period, section, alternative transportation) are available :

  • On the CFL website :

  • Or on the Mobilitéit website :

  • Through the CFL hotline : 2489-2489

  • At the CFL counters in Luxembourg and Belval-Université station

  • By asking the CFL staff in the station

According to the constructions works carried out, we will find a solution aligned with the assistance you need. Please inform the CFL beforehand of your journey. 

This type of assistance is available (only upon request) in Luxembourg train station only.

Wheelchairs are available at Luxembourg train station and on request. Should they be needed, please ask the station inspectors. To check availability please contact us via email or via phone +352 2489 2489.


Persons holding disabled persons cards issued by the Luxembourgish Ministry of the Interior are exempted from service fees when purchasing train tickets from the CFL Callcenter.

Beware! Due to engineering works a number of stations and tracks may not be accesible. Find here the list of the current and future work sites.