On board services

Choose your comfort, travel 1st class or 2nd class.

To travel within Luxembourg and beyond the borders of the Grand Duchy, we offer you the option of travelling 2nd class or 1st class for each journey. You travel free on 2nd class trains on the Luxembourg rail network.
Enjoy more space and quietness in 1st class.        
On some CFL trains and in particular on trains serving Koblenz and Düsseldorf, you can also enjoy reclining seats and power outlets.
Travel to France by TGV in 1st class, and you’ll have wider adjustable seats, as well as power outlets to plug in your devices...   

Are you looking for a quiet and relaxed atmosphere and do you hold an international 2nd class ticket? In most cases, you may opt for an upgrade to enjoy 1st class.

Please note: There is no 1st class on TER trains to Thionville, Metz or Nancy.

Stay informed along your journey.

Along the way, the train's upcoming stops are displayed on the screens.

Don't hurry as the next stop, as well as disturbances, are announced at time.

Need help?
Do not hesitate to contact the train manager.

Do you need more information?
Download CFL mobile apps!
Manage your tickets and follow the schedules in real time, including your connections.


Consider taking your bicycle on train?

Bikes are carried free of charge and no reservation is required in Luxembourg.
Access is free subject to places available on the train.

You may need to reserve a space for international connections. Please check before you travel.

Buy here your special bike ticket online, for trips to Belgium, the Netherlands as well as Aachen and Trier.

Get your "Bike ticket one way SNCB" directly form our ticket vending machines.

Upon arrival of your train, locate the green bike access doors to easily find the space for bicycles. Please note that priority is given to wheelchairs and pushchairs.

You need to be able to load and unload your bike or e-bike yourself. For safety reasons bicycles must be kept in designated areas.

Entrances, access doors, corridors and driver's compartment need to be accessible at any time.

Instruction from train staff must be followed. Your safety and that of other passengers has absolute priority.

Transport of bicycles can only be provided within the limits of space available on the trains.

If necessary, opt for another connection.

Allow enough time on arrival and for your train changes.

Avoid taking your bicycle into the train at rush hours:
in the morning from 6 am to 9 am and in the evening from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Be cautious! Group trips cannot be guaranteed due to limited space on trains. On some international connections, groups with bicycles are not allowed.


Is your faithful companion travelling with you?

Dogs of all sizes travel for free on trains on the Luxembourg rail network. 

Dogs must be kept on a leash and may not sit on the seats.

Your pet must not pose any risks to other passengers or disturb them.
In some cases, a muzzle is recommended.

Small pets travel free of charge in their basket or cage.

Travelling abroad?

Before setting out to discover Europe with your pet, ask us (call center and sales centers) about the terms and ticket prices.


Pram, pushchair or luggage on board trains.

No problem... provided that you take your pram/pushchair or luggage on board yourself, and store it in the intended place.
Once you have reached your destination, you are responsible for taking them off the train.

There are different spaces depending on the type of train. There is only a limited number of spaces available for carrying prams/pushchairs and bikes on trains.

If you’re travelling abroad, the conditions of carriage will vary depending on your destination. To avoid any inconveniences, ask us for more  before you set off (call center and sales centers).

For your trips to France, please follow this link.