Coronavirus COVID-19 Information and guidelines

Information and guidelines

9th April 2020 – 8.00 am
Traffic plan

The current traffic plan on the various CFL lines will remain unchanged until Sunday 3rd May 2020 (including). From 10 pm onwards only a reduced number of trains will be operating. Customers will be informed of any changes.

Here’s the current traffic plan:
Line 10: Line 30: Line 50: Line 60: Line 70: Line 90: Customers can find all additional information on our website, in the CFL applications and the CFL Call Center at (+352) 2489-2489.

Engineering works

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CFL are cancelling long-planned engineering-works.
During the Easter holidays (4th to 19th April 2020) trains will run according to the traffic plan in place. A substitute bus service will therefore not be necessary.

People with reduced mobility

Respecting the necessary rules of social distancing, the CFL's service for people with reduced mobility will have to be interrupted for the duration of the pandemic. Customers will be able to use the Adapto bus service.
More information is available at


CFL's bus offer has also been adjusted.

The "Luxembourg Saarbrücken Express" shuttle bus runs 3 times a day in each direction. From Saturday 4th April 2020 the shuttle bus will run 3 times a day in each direction. Customers can find detailed information in the timetable search on and in the CFL applications.

The "Gare Lorraine Express" shuttle bus will be cancelled until further notice. 


TGV services to Paris and the South of France have been cancelled until further notice. Following the cancellation of TGV services, customers who have previously purchased a ticket are invited to address any request for refund to the railway company that provided them with their ticket.
As the ticket offices and waiting rooms at all CFL stations are closed under the current conditions, customers are requested to contact the CFL Call Center (+352) 2489 2489.

The CFL would like to thank its customers for their understanding.

Due to the current pandemic situation and to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the CFL has taken the following measures.

Read more about these measures on our blog.

For all cross-border travel, check

The coronavirus infection remains mild for the majority of cases. However, in order to avoid spreading among the general population and to protect vulnerable and fragile populations, it is important to take a certain number of precautions.

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Source : Facebook Ministère de la Santé Luxembourg