On a discovery tour to the red rocks.
Travel comfortably by train to the metropolis of south Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette,  from where you can easily reach Rumelange, the city of iron ore.

Mining museum in Rumelange

The National Mining Museum invites you to take a trip to the open-cast mine and a tour eighty meters underground in the Red Earth country.
Discover the work of the mining company on an interactive tour of the galleries of the National Mining Museum. Go in search of stones and fossils in the spectacular landscapes of the former Hutberg mine in Rumelange.
The Walert Mine houses the National Mining Museum, a former iron ore mine from around 1900. It includes an exhibition mine with a depth of up to 80 m and an abandoned open-cast mine. A state-of-the-art mining railway connects the various parts of the museum. During the 3.5 km long journey, visitors not only see the vegetation typical of abandoned open-cast mines, but also the abandoned side tunnels, some of which were in operation until 1963. The museum guides introduce you to the various iron ore extraction techniques from 1850 until the exhibition mine was closed in 1991. Become aware of the difficult conditions the miners had to work in.

More information about the "Minett Region"

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