CFL mobile app
Your perfect digital partner

With the CFL mobile app, you have the perfect digital partner to plan your public transport travels in Luxembourg and beyond. With its extremely easy handling and its userfriendliness, the app is tailor-made for your daily mobility needs.



You'll never want to go without again!


Real-time travel planning

Thanks to the door-to-door travel planning within the CFL mobile app, planning your trip has become much easier. The days when you had to search for the nearest train station around your destination are over! Enter the address or point of interest (POI) in the search field and the app will guide you from your current location to your destination from door to door.
Stay up-to-date in real time about possible disturbances to the rail traffic


Tailor-made push-notifications

Thanks to the push notifications you can customise yourself, you will receive tailor-made information fitting your needs. Once you have configured your alarm in the timetable search, you will receive information about disruptions for the selected train or the defined period.


Purchase a ticket

Purchase your  first class national tickets and your cross-border connections right inside the app! Once registered, your purchase will only take a few moments whether you are buying a single ticket or a monthly subscription fee.


CFL mobile app

Tailor-made for your daily mobility needs

Easy handling and userfriendly