Discover the industrial and natural heritage of Minett Park.
Take the "Train 1900" from Pétange station to reach the Fond-de-Gras on the old mining line.

Minett Park

Fond-de-Gras was one of the most important mining centres in Luxembourg.

In this valley of Fond-de-Gras many mining galleries have been drilled in order to extract the ore which was evacuated by a railway line connecting this valley to the town of Pétange. Through this line it was transported to steel factories in Luxembourg and abroad.

This open-air museum offers numerous complementary activities, the red thread of which is iron ore. It includes: Fond-de-Gras, the village of Lasauvage, the former open-pit mine “Giele Botter” and the Celtic oppidum of Titelberg..

Not to mention the highlights: the Train 1900, the mining train «Minièresbunn» or the draisines running every Sunday and public holidays in Luxembourg, from May 1st to the last Sunday in September.

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