Do you travel often between Lorraine and Luxembourg?

Enjoy unlimited journeys with your subscription.

Whatever the reason for your travels, the Presto subscription enables you to travel freely and at low prices on the route of your choice between Lorraine and Luxembourg.
Subcriptions are valid for all public transport in Luxembourg and for 2nd class train services.
They are not valid on TGV's.

Under 26 ?
The Primo subscription is specifically for young people.
If you live in Lorraine, buy your subscription at the SNCF.
If you live in Luxembourg, buy your subscription at CFL ticket offices in Luxembourg station.

Subscribe on a weekly, monthly or annuel base.
Find more information here:

Conditions for receiving a personal card ISO format "Abonnement PRIMO/PRESTO"

The traveller must go to an SNCF counter or shop in the Greater Eastern Region or make the request online.

The traveller is likely to be required to present official identification to any controller upon request.


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