With the "Kannermusée PLOMM" and the CFL, children from birth to twelve years are kings in Wiltz. 

Exhibitions and workshops 

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the temporary exhibition "LOVE", offers new ways of seeing and thinking about the theme of love. Discover the "Earth Train" realized in partnership with the CFL and which, being an integral part of the exhibition "LOVE", is exhibited in the entrance hall of the museum.  

Stop at the foot of the Tree of Stories, a permanent exhibition of the museum. Exciting stories and activities await you seven meters high, from the labyrinth in the roots, to the tree house, up to the nest in the crown of the tree. 

Meetings and exchanges for children 

During the year, multimedia and creative workshops will be held to exchange experiences on various topics.  

In parallel, through the "Kompetenzlabo", which offers continuous training, individual advice and material on the theme of participation, the PLOMM museum found a contact point for structures, municipalities and individuals who work with children and who wish to promote or develop a "participatory" pedagogy or method. 

Interested? Take the CFL trains and public transport to Wiltz to reach the PLOMM Children’s Museum.  

Before you leave, plan your trip.  


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