146 km
minimum 7h20 / 2 days



Route description

Ardennen-Eifel-Mosel Roundtrip

Is it possible to discover the varied and hilly landscapes of the Ardennes, the Eifel and the Moselle by bike in a single outing? Of course, it is, especially since you can now take advantage of the "RadBus" shuttle service. With these buses you can easily go to a bike path or back to the starting point. Sectional cycling is possible, and you can even take the bus around a climb that seems too steep.

Day 1: Clervaux – Prüm (D) - Gerolstein (86km)

From Clervaux railway station, the road climbs steadily up to Marnach. The section from Roder to "Waldbierg" leads you through vast open fields and meadows and offers you wonderful panoramic views. After this plateau follows a rapid descent via the N10 towards Dasbourg Pont. You cross the border bridge and find yourself on German soil; the two climbs that follow are the hardest of this first day.

After the succession of ups and downs between Preischeid, Machtesmühle and Karlshausen. On small roads and on the cycle path traced on an old railway line, you cross the region of Zweifelscheid, Neurath, Arzfeld, and Pronsfeld. Near the "Prümstalradweg" you will be attracted by the warm atmosphere of a historic railway carriage charmingly transformed into a café-bar. The Eifel-Ardennen cycle path is tiring and forces you to tap into your reserves. You can join Prüm if necessary or continue towards Gerolstein.


  • Return to Clervaux or fatigue along the way, opt for the bicycle shuttles: Radbusse

Day 2: Gerolstein - Cochem (60km)

Fascinating landscape with gently rolling hills, panoramic plateaus, green valleys and deep gorges, you pass Berlingen, Kirchweiler and Hinterweiler. You are approaching the highest point of this stage at Ernsberg, 623m. The descent to Daun compensates you for the efforts made. Admire volcanic cones and water-filled maars!

The long climb to Darscheid is quite rolling and you move briskly through the villages of Schönbach, Meiserich and Ulmen. After passing the Büchel military air base, which is under heavy surveillance, you still have to make the long descent to Cochem, your destination, which is 300m lower in altitude on the banks of the Moselle.

Discover the imposing 11th century Imperial Castle that majestically dominates the town with its winding lanes, old gables, wine bars, market square cafes and the lively Moselle promenade along with pleasure boats. Spend the night in Cochem and return by train to Luxembourg.


  • Fatigue along the way, opt for the bicycle shuttles: Radbusse


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Our practical advices for your cycling adventures

Your train journeys

Take advantage of free transport in Luxembourg!
* In the trains the 1st class is charged.

For your journeys to Germany, you need a transport ticket.Your bike is transported free of charge on regional trains provided you do not travel during rush hour.

  • Comfortably from home: 
  •  en route on the international CFL app
  • Before boarding, check the timetable and stay tuned about works on the railway network and rail replacement services on and the CFL app.
  • Board the train at the intended location and put your bike in the provided space.

For all information and reservations regarding the "Radbusse" bicycle shuttel service:
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Plan like a pro
  • Download the GPX file, which is available at the top of the page and integrate it into the navigation application of your choice.
  • Maps of the Luxembourg cycling network, that have been produced by, are available in CFL sales centers. Get one of them so you can always find the right way.

Safe cycling

  • Make sure your bike is in good condition and meets legal requirements before departure.
  • Always wear a cycling helmet that fits your head and ensure that the neckband is resealed. Brightly coloured clothes make you more visible.
  • Anticipative and cautious driving greatly reduces the risk of an accident.

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