Vëlos-t'OUR Panorama
RAVeL L163 + L164
+328m    -428m

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2h 40min



Route description

This border-crossing tour in the heart of the Luxembourgish and Belgian Ardennes follows several cycle paths.

Leave the station by the pedestrian underpass on the side of track 2. In the beginning, the Vëlos-t'OUR Panorama leads you via Biwisch to Hautbellain. At the end of Hautbellain, a country road on your left in the direction of Gouvy (B) leads over 2 km to the border, - where cyclists can join the Belgian cycle path RAVel L163.

Enjoy a great drive to the historic city of Bastogne (B), along the path of former railway tracks surrounded by typical Ardennes landscapes. The destination of the first part of the ride is the former railway station Bastogne-Sud, 300 m away from city center.

Shortly before Bastogne,cyclists have the option to visit the World War II Memorial, Mardasson.
The way back starts at the station Bastogne-Sud, in direction of Wiltz, on the RAVel L164 route and, further down, via the route PC20 Piste cyclable de la Wiltz, which runs along the little eponymous river. On their route, cyclists will pass through four lit up tunnels and finally join the Wiltz railway station.

To get to the railway station, turn right at the entrance of Wiltz, take over the bridge and turn left to take the street uphill.
At the cemetery, turn to the left into the main street and follow the signposting to the station (500 m).

While the first section (10 km) up to the RAVel route is somewhat strenuous, the rest of the trip over the former railroad tracks is more relaxing and will pay off the precedent effort.

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