PC1 + PC12 + PC13
+197m    -166m
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1h 10min


Route description

At the main station plaza, take the municipal cycle paths network in direction of  Belair to the main entrance of the cemetery in Merl-Belair, situated at the crossing of rue des Aubépines and rue Val Sainte Croix (see enlarged section of the map). Then, follow the PC1 Piste cyclable du Centre in direction of Strassen.

At the end of rue du Kiem, in front of an old farm,  cross diagonally into rue des Romains, which is the starting point of the PC13 Piste cyclable Nicolas Frantz, which, heading straight west, takes you to Mamer.

The path is named after double Tour de France winner Nicolas Frantz, born in Mamer. The itinerary includes a section of the ancient Roman road Kiem, which once connected Reims (F)  to Trier (D) via Luxembourg.

Behind the railway station in Mamer, turn left over the bridge to the main street.

After Garnich, the PC13 ends and leads into the PC12 Piste cyclable de l'Attert. At this junction, go straight in the direction of Hagen, over the highway bridge. 700m after the underground passage, you leave the PC12 at the  junction with a location plan by turning left and then, following the railway tracks on your right you arrive in Kleinbettingen. After passing the inner courtyard of the Moulins de Kleinbettingen, you turn left into the main street towards the train station.

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Our practical advices for your cycling adventures

Plan like a pro
  • Download the GPX file, which is available at the top of the page and integrate it into the navigation application of your choice.
  • Bicycle tours are also available on
  • Maps of the Luxembourg cycling network, that have been produced by, are available in CFL sales centers. Get one of them so you can always find the right way.

Safe cycling
  • Make sure your bike is in good condition and meets legal requirements before departure.
  • Always wear a cycling helmet that fits your head and ensure that the neckband is resealed. Brightly coloured clothes make you more visible.
  • Anticipative and cautious driving greatly reduces the risk of an accident.

Your train journeys
  • Before boarding, check the timetable and stay tuned about works on the railway network and rail replacement services on and the CFL mobile app.
  • Board the train at the intended location and put your bike in the provided space.

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