75 years in motion, quite a story

75 years of the CFL is quite the story to tell!

A story that the CFL wished to share with its employees but also with the wider public. To make this happen, we partnered with the University of Luxembourg to publish a book on the history of the CFL Group.
On 264 pages, the book traces the history of one of Luxembourg's most emblematic companies, whose development has been closely linked to the economic, social and political history of Luxembourg since its creation. Combining personal accounts, sociological analyses and reminders of major events, this book describes the dynamic evolution of a company which, with great courage and commitment, has succeeded in transforming itself in depth, at the service of its customers and our environment.
The book "75 ans en mouvement" is available in most shops in Luxembourg, including supermarkets, bookshops and newsstands.
A non-exhaustive overview of sales outlets: