Hiking trails from station to station

Luxembourg is full of sites of natural beauty, which are best discovered on foot. But above all by train!

The deep valleys and plateaus of the Ardennes, the rolling hills of the sunny Moselle, and the nature reserves that look like canyons in the Terres Rouges (Red Lands) are perfect for hiking.
There are 43 routes on offer between 4 and 30 km long. What sets these itineraries apart is that they are always linked to a train station.
Several of these hiking trails include routes with top quality infrastructure. The ‘Escapardenne Eisléck Trail’ has been recognised as a ‘Leading Quality Trail – Best of Europe’.
The ‘Manternacher Fiels’ trail has been certified as a ‘Traumschleife’ (dream loop) by the Deutsches Wanderinstitut (German hiking institute). 90 experience points are spread along this route, making it a very attractive trail.