​Besides its freight subsidiary companies in Germany, France, Sweden and Denmark, the CFL group also owns a passenger railway company in Germany.

neg Logo pur - Copy.jpgSince 2004, the „neg Niebüll GmbH, Norddeutsche Eisenbahngesellschaft based in Niebüll has been a CFL subsidiary company led by the Director of Passenger activities. 


Picture1.jpgIt has a network of 45 kilometres of railway lines in the Land of Schleswig-Holstein and employs 74 people. In October 2013, the neg signed a contract with the government of the Land which operates the railway service from Niebüll to Dagebüll on the German North Sea coast until 2025. 

Since 2007, when the neg lines were renewed, the number of passengers has constantly increased, with a total of 330,000 people in 2017. More than 20 % of the holidaymakers visiting the islands of Föhr or Amrum took the train to reach the ferry.​​


The historic terminal in Dagebüll-Mole.


A recent photograph of the ferry terminal in Dagebüll-Mole.



The rolling stock of the neg Niebüll GmbH.

carte regionale2.png

The geographical situation of neg Niebüll GmbH.

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