Hikers and cyclists

Luxembourg has a large number of places to discover and explore on foot or by bike. Special guidebooks offer you a choice of particularly interesting routes.


Hikers: take a look at our guidebook 'Train, walk, cycle – 71 Walking and cycling tours from station to station'.

Cyclists: take a look at the website www.lvi.lu to discover the 'VeloTour Luxembourg' guidebook. 

Bikes carried free of charge

The CFL make life easier for you by offering you the opportunity to transport your bicycle on the regular service trains (within the available capacity).
Please note that when travelling with a group, you must book in advance.

Although cyclists may take trains without booking, we recommend informing us about trips with more than six people.
Bikes are carried free of charge. In order to be sure of a space to transport your bike, please take trains travelling outside peak times where possible. 

Bicycles can be transported on board CFL buses free of charge, but passengers who take them on board are responsible for watching them. Bicycles are only accepted if there is sufficient space available on the bus.