Protection of personal privacy with respect to bookings of international tickets through the Internet

1. Using cookies:

An interactive site like this on-line booking site is based on a dialogue between the user and the central database. So as to allow the central database to 'answer' each of your 'questions', this on-line application uses an elementary form of totally harmless cookies that will disappear at the end of your booking session.

These are functional cookies allowing our database to recognise the user of our site and to know which answer is to be sent to which user. These functional cookies are stored in the memory of your browser and not on your hard disk. Therefore they disappear when the browser is closed.

Functional cookies do not allow for saving information about the visitor.

2. Securing communication:

On our on-line booking site all confidential transactions are secured and protected by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. Each time you send confidential information like your user name, password and personal data, it is encrypted and therefore cannot be read by third parties.

3. Collecting and handling personal data:

When international tickets are ordered through the Internet, a number of personal data must be gathered. This is never done without your express and explorative permission.

CFL and SNCB/NMBS commits itself to respect your privacy when processing your personal data in accordance with the Act of 8th December 1992, and the act of 2 august 2002 regarding the protection of personal privacy with respect to the processing of personal data.