Additional terms of the "Homeprinting" service


Your ticket is only valid if it is printed on white A4 paper, blank on front and back, without any modification to the print size, in portrait (vertical) format with a laser printer or inkjet printer. It may not under any circumstances be presented in another form (electronic, screen…).

Your ticket printed at home has the same characteristics as a ticket delivered in station, in the train or via the automatic distributors of tickets.

Good quality printing is necessary. Partially printed, soiled, damaged or illegible tickets will not be accepted on the train and will be considered invalid. If there is a problem with the printing or it is of poor quality, you should reprint your pdf. file.

Your ticket cannot be transferred or reimbursed.

Your ticket is strictly personal and is non-transferable. On inspection, you must show an official means of identification which is currently valid and has a photo: identity card or passport.

This ticket is only valid for the train, the date, the class and the route set out on it. In the event that the price shown on the ticket is a price based on obligatory return, you must be able to present both tickets (the outward and the return ones) to the inspector on board. Failing this, this ticket will be considered invalid and you will have to purchase another one so as to comply with the regulations.

This ticket must be retained until you have left the destination station.