Information for persons with reduced mobility (PRM)

“One grows accustomed to one's disabilities, the most difficult task is ensuring others become accustomed to them.” Sophie d’Houdetot (1730-1813)
personne en chaise roulante sur un quai


The Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois (CFL) in cooperation with the various authorities, aim to make public transport available to everyone, particularly to persons with reduced mobility (PRM). The stations and stops on the Luxembourgish rail network and the rolling stock, trains and buses, are undergoing major changes and modernizations.

When using a means of transport, the term 'person with reduced mobility' applies to any person with a physical disability (sensory or motor, permanent or temporary) or an intellectual disability or deficiency and where applicable, their helper.

The facilities offered to PRM such as ramps, lifts, wider doors, etc. are also helpful for passengers carrying bulky luggage, persons travelling with pushchairs or prams or simply accompanied by young children and even for cyclists who would like to board with their bikes.

With regard to our trains and buses, we have made great progress in recent years: for example electric railcars and double-decker carriages with approach ramps and toilets suitable for persons with reduced mobility.

International trains and CFL's older generation electric railcars can be accessed using technical assistance such as an approach ramp or mobile lifts.

With regard to the network, the plan to modernize stations and stops provides for the installation of ramps or lifts in all locations which are technically feasible.

Assistance on the National Service
Persons requiring assistance are kindly asked to inform us of their intention to travel at least one hour in advance.

Assistance on International Services
Due to agreements between the Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois (CFL) and foreign rail networks, requests for assistance at train stations abroad must be made 48 hours in advance.

Requests for assistance on the National Service and the International Service should be addressed to:

Telephone:           +352 49 90 37 37
Fax:                      +352 49 90 34 89


If a request is not made within the indicated period of time, the requested assistance might not be available.

Additional information:

In order to make it easier to organize your journey, a detailed assessment of all CFL stations and stops can be viewed at, by searching for 'gare' in the search engine on the home page, or on

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