Gare de Leudelange (en chantier)


​Rue de la Gare
L-3370 Leudelange​

CFL information:
(352) 2489 2489 (6.00 - 21.45)

Lost & found (Gare de Luxembourg):
(352) 4990 5574 (6.00 - 21.30)

Opening times

Parking spaces

​69 parking spaces

space for 7 bicycles

covered space for bicycles

Facilities and services available at station

  • Vending machine
  • Stairs
  • elevator
  • Tactile paving

Persons in need of assistance may consult www.cfl.lu. For information on accessibility of our train stations you can visit www.welcome.lu and select "Gare" as "type of site".

Perturbations et chantiers actuellement dans cette gare