Direct connection Luxembourg - Trier - Koblenz - Düsseldorf

With the direct services Luxembourg - Düsseldorf, cities are getting closer.

Take advantage of the direct services to the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. Visit the Old Town and go for a walk on the Rhine river banks.

Don't miss the Rheinturm from which you have a breath-taking view. Go shopping on the Königsallee, called "Kö" by the locals, and appreciate the outstanding feeling of this exclusive fashion mile.

This winter season, Düsseldorf hosts a number of Christmas markets and , on the 11th November, the town starts its 5th season, the world famous Carnival.

Prices and reservations

Supersparpreis Europa

Luxembourg - Düsseldorf

2nd class, from 19,90€ without reservation

2nd class, from 23,90€ including reservation

1st class, from 49,90€ reservation included in 1st class

Reservations can be made for:

- 2nd and 1st class seats

- 6 bicycles

- 2 wheelchairs (+attendant person) 


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