Monthly tickets (Monatsabo RegioZone 1 or RegioZone 2)

Special ‘RegioZone’ fares are applied on cross-border public bus lines. Two zones have been defined according to their distance from Luxembourg.

Ticket validity

The "Monatsabo RegioZone" has a flexible period of validity. It is issued without an issue date and is valid on the date it is stamped/validated until the same date the next month at 4 a.m.

The ticket is valid for an unlimited number of journeys on cross-border buslines as well as on all lines operated by the five public transport networks (AVL, CFL, LUXTRAM, RGTR and TICE).

RegioZone tickets and season tickets are not valid in trains beyond Luxembourg’s border crossing points.

Fare by town/village on cross-border bus lines.


Monthly ticket RegioZone 1: 85 €

Monthly ticket RegioZone 2: 135 €

RegioZone tickets are only issued for 2nd class.

Occasionnel upgrading is not permited. A monthly upgrade is possible with a supplement.

Terms of Use

The ‘Monatsabo RegioZone’ season ticket has a flexible period of validity, is impersonal and transferable and is issued without an issue date. It only becomes valid when it is stamped/validated.

Sales channels

The "Monthly ticket" RegioZone ticket is issued on bus lines in the RegioZone, via the CFL mobile app as well as at train stations with ticket offices.

Additional information

In all CFL stations where tickets are sold.

Call Centre on +352 2489 2489.

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