RegioZone cross-border fares

​RegioZone pricing for cross-border bus connections is based on a single, progressive price by zone. Two zones have been defined according to their distance from Luxembourg.

On cross-border public bus lines organised and financed by the Luxembourg state, special 'RegioZone' fares are applied. There are 'courte durée RegioZone' (RegioZone short duration), 'longue durée RegioZone' (RegioZone long duration) tickets as well as monthly and annual 'réseau RegioZone' (RegioZone network) season tickets.

RegioZone tickets and season tickets are applicable on cross-border lines as well as on all lines operated by public transport networks in Luxembourg. RegioZone tickets may only be purchased from the bus driver and on the Mobile CFL App. Annual season tickets are sold at the CFL ticket offices, Mobility Centre and the mShop.

There are also annual supplements, either for holders of an annual mPass season ticket ('Flex Pass Regio' annual supplement) or holders of a Jumbokaart or Studentkaart approved by the Verkéiersverbond ('Studentpass Regio').

This supplement is only valid in combination with the national ticket it relates to and the user must present both tickets to the ticket inspector simultaneously.

RegioZone tickets and season tickets are not valid in trains beyond Luxembourg's border crossing points.

Children may travel free of charge without a ticket up to and including the age of 12. However, children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

Short duration ticket (Kuerrzzäitbilljee RegioZone 1 or RegioZone 2)

Day ticket (Dagesbilljee RegioZone 1 or RegioZone 2)

Monthly tickets (Monatsabo RegioZone 1 or RegioZone 2)

Annual tickets (Joeresabo Regio Zone 1 or RegioZone 2)

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