Free transport

​​​​​Some travellers enjoy free use of CFL trains.




DogsDogsAccompanied dogs travel free of charge.
Free travel cardFree travel cardPersons receiving assistance from the Municipal administration Social Services Office in their place of residence and those receiving a supplement to the 'Revenu minimum garanti' (guaranteed minimum wage) may travel free of charge.
ChildrenChildrenMake use of our special offers for children.
BikesBikesWould you like to take your bike on board CFL trains free of charge? No problem...
Invalidity cardInvalidity cardSince 1st July 2007, category A, B and C invalidity cards issued by the Ministère de l'Intérieur (Ministry of Home Affairs) are recognised as tickets.
Pupils and students ('myCard élève')Pupils and students ('myCard élève')Since September 1st 2016 the 'myCard élève' is valid as a free ticket on all national public transport.