Early Bird Week / Early Bird Weekend

The offer "Early Bird Week / Early Bird Weekend" gives you the chance to make reduced one way trips from and to any NS station in 1st or 2nd class.

Conditions of use

The trip must depart from a CFL station and arrive at a NS station, or vice versa.

The ticket must be bought at least 7 days before its first day of validity.

Depending of the offer following days are possible to travel:

  • EARLY BIRD WEEK:    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • EARLY BIRD WEEKEND: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Prices depend on distance, day of departure (weekday or weekend) and border-points used.

  • Athus/Sterpenich - Roosendaal
  • Athus/Sterpenich - Hazeldonk
  • Athus/Sterpenich - Visé
  • Gouvy - Roosendaal
  • Gouvy - Hazeldonk
  • Gouvy - Visé

Price examples


2nd class​​1st class2nd class​1st class
​Via Athus /Sterpenich - Hazeldonk
​Luxembourg - Amsterdam38,00​​55,0048,00​​69,00
​Luxembourg - Rotterdam31,00​​45,00​39,00​56,00
​Luxembourg - Den Haag​34,00​49,00​43,00​61,00
​Via Gouvy-Visé
​Luxembourg - Maastricht​23,0034,00​​26,0037,50​
​Luxembourg - Utrecht​36,00​51,00​41,00​61,50
​Luxembourg - Amsterdam​36,00​51,00​41,00​61,50

Children from 4 to under 12 years old traveling alone are considered adults. Accompanied children benefit from the special rate "BENELUX ENFANTS ACCOMPAGNES".

Tickets cannot be exchanged or upgraded to first class.

Tickets can be refunded up to the day before the first day they are valid (handling fee: €12 per ticket).​ Tickets purchased under www.cfl.lu - Online Ticket are not refundable.



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