'Escapade' (Short break)

With the 'Escapade' offer, you can travel to any destination in Belgium for the same price.


Whether it's for a holiday on the Belgian coast, a weekend in Bruges or a business trip to Brussels: with the 'Escapade' offer you can travel to any destination in Belgium at the same price (provided that the departure station and the destination are indicated when purchasing the ticket).

And if you're travelling in a group, the price is even more attractive (see table).

'Escapade' allows you to take a return journey from any CFL station to any Belgian station of your choice (a return ticket is obligatory).

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Ticket validity

'Escapade' tickets are valid for one month. Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged. The dates for the outward journey and for the return journey must be indicated when purchasing the 'Escapade' ticket.


Number of people2nd class1st class
155,00 €90,00 €
277,00 €140,00 €
399,00 €190,00 €

Sales channels and information:

Information and ticket offices at Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Belval-Université, Ettelbruck, Bettembourg, Mersch, Troisvierges, Rodange, Pétange and Wasserbillig train stations.

CFL Call & Service Centre on 24 89 – 24 89

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