The 'Tagesrückfahrkarte' offer allows you to make a return trip on the same day, in 2nd or 1st class, from any Luxembourgish station to Trier.



 adults 2nd class

adults 1st class

​children 2nd class (6 to <12)​children 1st class (6 to <12)
Trier9,60 €14,40 €​​3,60 €​5,40 €

 Find more details in French here.

"Tagesrückfahrkarte" (Day return ticket) from Wasserbillig to Trier:  

 adults 2nd classadults 1st class​children 2nd class (6 to <12)​children 1st class (6 to <12)
Trier7,20 €10,80 €​​3,60 €​5,40 €​

Find more details in French here.

Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged.

If the passenger buys their ticket on the train, they have to pay a price increase of €​1.

Sales channels and information:

Information and ticket offices at Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Belval-Université, Ettelbruck, Bettembourg, Mersch, Troisvierges, Rodange, Pétange and Wasserbillig train stations, ticket vending machines.

CFL Call & Service Centre on 2489 – 2489

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