Kuerzzäitbilljee (short time ticket 2nd class)

The "short duration 2nd class ticket" is valid for two hours after it is issued or validated.

Ticket validity

The "short duration 2nd class ticket" is valid for two hours after it is issued, on all services of the public transport network. It is valid in 2nd class.

The arrival time to take into account is the time at which the train or bus should have reached the passenger's destination according to the timetable.

A "short duration 2nd class ticket" starting at 7.15 am is valid until 9.15 am on the same day. It is not valid from and to a border point.


A "short duration 2nd class ticket" is sold for €2. If the passenger buys their ticket on the train, the price is €3.

The short duration ticket is also sold in booklets of ten tickets for €16. A booklet of tickets offers a 20 % discount on the price of a single ticket.

Use in 1st class

You can also use the "short duration 2nd class ticket" in 1st class against a payment of a €1 supplement per ticket. This supplement is sold by CFL counters, Mobilitéitszentral, vending machines and by the train managers.

Sales channels

Train stations with ticket offices, Mobilitéitszentral, ticket vending machines, Mobile CFL App.

Additional informations

In all CFL stations where tickets are sold.
CFL Call & Service Centre on 2489–2489


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