‘Seniorekaart’ (Senior citizen card)

The 'Seniorekaart' annual season ticket for senior citizens is issued to any person aged 60 or over.

This season ticket is issued by the CFL, AVL and TICE ticket offices and by the Centrale de Mobilité (Mobility Centre) in form of a personalized mKaart.

Find here the "application form" as well as the purchasing terms and conditions of use.

Don't forget your ID (passport, driving licence, ID card) and a recent, not older then 12 month, passport photo.

Ticket validity

The annual 'Seniorekaart' season ticket for senior citizens is valid on all routes from validation until the same date the next year at 4.00 am.

An annual season ticket for senior citizens validated on 20 January 2017 is valid until 20 January 2018 at 4.00 am. It is not valid from and to a frontier point.

The 'Seniorenkaart' is only valid in 2nd class. A first class upgrate is not allowed.


The price for the annual season ticket for senior citizens is 100 €.

Loss and damage

In case of loss or deterioration of a personalized mKaart, a duplicate can be delivered against a perception of a 25 € fee for the remaining period of validity by presenting following proofs:

  • Loss of a personalized mKaart: a declaration of lost from the police
  • Deterioration of a personalized mKaart: please join the concerned ticket

If a personal mKaart becomes unreadable and unusable for unknown reasons (for example technical problems) the fee will not apply.

Sales channels

Station ticket offices, Mobilitéitszentral (mobility centre)

Additional information

In all CFL stations where tickets are available.
CFL Call Centre on +352 2489 2489.


Buy this ticket

  • online
  • by phone
  • Ticket office
  • on vending machines
  • CFL International app
  • Mobile App

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