Annual subscription tickets



'Joeresstreckenabo' (annual short distance ticket)'Joeresstreckenabo' (annual short distance ticket)220The annual short distance season ticket is valid for 1 year on a specific limited route. The price in 2nd class is €220.Ticket office
‘Joeresabo’ (annual network season ticket)‘Joeresabo’ (annual network season ticket)440The annual network season ticket is valid on all routes for the entire public transport network.Ticket office
Jumbokaart (season ticket for young people)Jumbokaart (season ticket for young people)75The annual season ticket for young people is valid for one year on all modes of public transport in Luxembourg. The price is €75.Ticket office
‘Seniorekaart’ (Senior citizen card)‘Seniorekaart’ (Senior citizen card)100 The 'Seniorekaart' annual season ticket for senior citizens is issued to any person aged 60 or over.Ticket office
Joeresabo RegioZone (regional annual season ticket)Joeresabo RegioZone (regional annual season ticket)750The annual ticket - Joeresabo RegioZone is valid for an illimited number of journeys on the transboundery bus lines over a fixed period. Ticket office