Interrail: Special offer until March 31!

Interrail is a flexible way to visit Europe for young people or adults. Take advantage of our special offer until 31 March!

Until the 31st March take advantage of our special offer PROMO SPRING on all our products Interrail Global Pass and One Country Pass.

Get up to15% discount for adult, youth or senior customers on our price range.

Available from 1st March.

Countries not participating in the PROMO SPRING offer: Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.


Pricing examples

A young person under 26 pays in 2nd class €177 (instead of €208) for 5 flexible days in 15 days, and €286 instead of €3337 for 15 continuous days (Interrail Global Offer).

For the same products, an adult pays €229 (instead of €269) and €358 (instead of €421), respectively.

Find here our full price range.


The PROMO SPRING offer is not refundable and exchangeable.

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