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FLEX - Carsharing by CFLFLEX - Carsharing by CFLFLEX, the all new carsharing from CFL Mobility, has the potential to make you rediscover public transport. FLEX adds a whole new level of flexibility to public transport and opens it up to new customer groups.
By train to the Science Center in DifferdangeBy train to the Science Center in DifferdangeTake advantage of our train services to visit the Luxembourg Science Center.
Gare Lorraine ExpressGare Lorraine ExpressEvery day, the 'Gare Lorraine Express' buses connect non-stop Luxembourg central station and 'Park & Ride Sud/Howald to Lorraine TGV train station.
Nature and railway heritage: the CFL take you to the "Minett Park" Nature and railway heritage: the CFL take you to the "Minett Park" From 1st of May spend the day in a fascinating place and discover the perfect combination of industrial heritage and nature reserve. Travel to Pétange station on a CFL train and discover Fond-de-Gras in a historic train.
Vienna, discover the capital of AustriaVienna, discover the capital of AustriaA city that combines modernity and tradition. Discover the architectural heritage of the city centre and relax by the Danube.
Rockhal Esch/Belval: Use Public Transport!Rockhal Esch/Belval: Use Public Transport!With your entrance ticket to the events at the Rockhal you can use trains and buses free of charge.