The CFL brings you to the Festival of Wiltz

The Festival of Wiltz goes from the 27th June to the 30th of July. CFL brings you to the event.

Come to the 66th edition of the Festival de Wiltz by train! There is probably no other venue in all of Luxembourg as classy and versatile as the amphitheatre located so picturesquely in the Wiltz Castle gardens. The big auditorium has room for more than 1,000 culture aficionados. Between 27 June and 30 July 2018 it hosts premieres and new crossover productions featuring national and international artists of a variety of genres, from nouveau cirque, opera and musical to jazz, indie electronic, klezmer and chanson. And in addition to the tasty cultural events on the menu, the festival’s food village provides a range of culinary delicacies to delight your palate.


Use your entrance ticket as transport ticket

Any ticket for concerts and events at the Festival of Wiltz are recognized as valid public transport tickets. On the day of the event, the tickets have the same validity as a day ticket in 2nd class.

Special buses and timetables


Special buses transport the visitors from the station of Wiltz to the location of the festival.

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Further information about the event

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