Take the CFL to the "Velosdag" (Day of the bicycle) on Sunday 13 May in Clervaux

Discover the picturesque valley of Clervaux: on 13th May, the route from Clervaux to Weiswampach is closed for any type of motorised traffic. The CFL trains will bring you there...see our offer!

On Sunday 13th May from 10.00 until 18.00, the route from Clervaux to Weiswampach once again solely belongs to the cyclists, wheelchair users, inline-skaters, pedestrians and joggers.

The 11 km-long route, which is barred for the motorised traffic, leads you through the picturesque valley of Clervaux, passing the Maulusmühle, Kléimühle, Rossmühle and Hollermühle to Weiswampach. You and your family will be able to enjoy undisturbed the beautiful landscape without any appreciable inclines.

Arrival by train: practical and economical!

The CFL offers you trains that takes along your bike without charge. Using the Dayticket you travel around the country all day, and benefit from all public transport facilities for only 4 Euros.

Following is a list of trains that will take along your bike on 13 May (limited spaces):

Luxembourg-Clervaux: Departure from Luxembourg at 8:16, 10:16 and 12:16.

Clervaux - Luxembourg: Departure from Clervaux at 14:44, 16:44 and 18:44.

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