Press conference timetable change (December 2017)

On Monday, June 26 2017, François Bausch, Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures, and Marc Wengler, General Director of CFL, presented the new timetable concept that will come into force on 10 December 2017.

The timetable change takes place in the context of the saturation of the railway network, a consequence of the sharp rise in passenger numbers, especially in the last 10 years (+ 60% between 2005 and 2015). Even if the travel offer (tighter timing, use of additional rolling stock) was regularly adjusted in the past, the rail network itself remained largely the same.

This resulted in the creation of bottlenecks, among others in the central station of Luxembourg, the junction of the star-shaped Luxembourg railway network, as well as on the route sections Luxembourg - Bettembourg and Rodange - Petange.

By commissioning two further stops, the Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg stop and the Howald station, from December 2017 the relief of these strategically important points of the railway network will be facilitated. At the the same time the access to the plateau of Kirchberg, Ban de Gasperich, Belval-Université or the Cloche d'Or, the workplace and residence of numerous passengers, will be eased. In addition, cross-connections will be provided to ensure direct and comfortable access to these new traffic nodes, starting from the different railway routes.

Thanks to the close cooperation between an external consultant and internal experts, optimization potentials could be identified within the existing timetables and the resulting changes could be presented during the press conference.

In the medium term, further large-scale projects will help to produce a high-quality and demand-oriented supply. Among other things, the construction of a second railway line between Bettembourg and Luxembourg, a second Pulvermühle viaduct or the extension of the Central Station in Luxembourg City, were presented on the occasion.

The presentation of the press conference can be found here.

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