Printemps Musical festival in Luxembourg from February 24 to April 21: the CFL trains take you there

Festival Printemps Musical 2017 in Luxembourg: World music and jazz. Take advantage of our night services!


Once more, this renowned festival presents a prestigious list of performances in the concert halls of "Den Atelier", just a short walk from Luxembourg station, "Neimënster" or the Luxembourg City Conservatory for Music.

Night trains

The night trains, on line 10 and 60 are running the weekends from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday overnight as well as on holidays.

Departures from Luxembourg

To Troisvierges: 01:20 and 03:30

To Rodange: 01:18 et 03:18


Search for the connections which suits you best here.

Ticket validity

Tickets which normally expire at 4:00 a.m. stay valid until the arrival of the  night trains.

Festival information


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