"Trauliichter": creepy walk on 27th and 31th October in Munshausen

From 20 October until 2 November 2018 the Tourist Centre Robbesscheier is celebrating their "Trauliicht" week. The highlight of the event will be a creepy walk on 27th and 31st October. CFL takes you there.


In the Luxembourg Ardennes, an old tradition uses lanterns with frightening faces carved into beets. These lanterns, placed near to the stables, are meant to keep bad spirits and diseases away from animals. The highlight of the event at the Tourist Center Robbesscheier, is a "creepy walk" on Saturday 27th and Wednesday 31st October.

From 10:00 different activities are organized around this theme. Children carve their own lanterns and a creepy walk, songs as well as story telling are organized. At the end, bad summer and winter spirits are burned in a bonfire.

By train and by shuttle

Take the CFL-trains to Drauffelt, where a special shuttle service (reservation is compulsory tel: 92 17 45 - 1) brings you to the Robbesscheier.​

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Contact, reservations and supplementary informations:

Tourist Center Robbesscheier

1, Frummeschgaass
L-9766 Munshausen
Tel: 92 17 45 - 1


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