Christmas Eve, 24 December: trains will run until 20:00 Christmas Eve, 24 December: trains will run until 20:00 On Christmas Eve, Sunday 24 December, CFL trains will run until 8 pm. On 25 and 26 December, rail services will operate according to the public holiday timetable. ​As a general rule, all public transport will be suspended after 8 pm on 24 December, like every year.The CFL will transport passengers throughout the day on Monday 25 December and Tuesday 26 December, according to the public holiday timetable.​12/13/2017 11:00:00 PM
Opening hours of CFL ticket offices during the holidays Opening hours of CFL ticket offices during the holidays Here you'll find all the information you need about ticket office opening times during the holiday season. Sunday 24 DecemberThe international ticket office at Luxembourg station is open until 2000. ​The telephone information service is open until 2000. Our staff in the other stations are at your service like a normal Sunday. The Info-Point in Luxembourg closes at 2000.The "Centrale de mobilité" closes at 1900. Monday 25 December The ticket offices located in the international section of the information and ticket sales area at Luxembourg train station will open at 0600 am.Ticket offices at other CFL stations and ticket offices at the Centrale de la Mobilité (Mobility Centre) at Luxembourg station will open according to the Sunday and public holiday opening hours.​ The telephone information service runs normally. Tuesday 26 December Public holiday opening hours.Sunday 31 December and Monday 1st JanuaryNo changed opening hours.When stations are closed you have still the possibility to buy your tickets from our ticket machines.12/12/2017 11:00:00 PM
By steam train to the Christkindlmarkt at Saarbrücken By steam train to the Christkindlmarkt at Saarbrücken Visit the Christmas market in Sarrebrücken stylish with the steam engine 5519 on the 16th December. ​The association 5519asbl in collaboration with CFL organizes a day trip by steam train to the Sarre. Take the opportunity to visit Sarrebrücken with its Christmas markets and the festive atmosphere. Or discover the wonderful countryside on the way to Homburg through the Fischbach- and Sulzbachvalleys.Information, fares and ré or phone +352 69155191012/11/2017 11:00:00 PM
Good Morning MobilitéitGood Morning MobilitéitFrom 10th December on your mobility changes. Take advantage of our two new stops and profit from our new transversal services.Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg Your benefits Quick access to the "Plateau du Kirchberg" Use our funicular railway and join comfortably the new tram and the busses (AVL, RGTR) or the new cycling path. Find here the frequence of services of the tram.At the bottom of the valleyJoin easily the city centre on foot or by bicycle. Take the panoramic elevator Pfaffenthal - City centre.All trains from the line 10 call at Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg.Search for the connections which suits you best here.Howald Your benefits Quick access to the "Ban de Gasperich" and the "Cloche d'Or".Join your destination with AVL and RGTR busses at the exit of the station from the bus stop Howald-Ronneboesch. All trains from the line 60 call at Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg. Two trains per hour from line 90 call at Howald station at peak times.Search for the connections which suits you best here.Transversal services For your convenience No train changes anymore!70-10 Longwy - Luxembourg - MerschExample Depart. Rodange 0659 - Arrival Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg 074110-60 Rodange - Luxembourg - TroisviergesExample Depart. Mersch 0656 - Arrival Belval-Université 075160-30 Wasserbillig - Luxembourg - PétangeExample Depart. Howald 0754 - Arrival Munsbach 0826FIND HERE OUR NEW FLYERMore informationFind here the new Good Morning Mobilitéit flyer.Consult or our CFL-App an follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, CFL Blog, YouTube12/7/2017 11:00:00 PM
Free WifiFree WifiWifi for everyone, from 10th December also at the new Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg stop.​You will find free WiFi in the train stations of Luxembourg, Ettelbruck and soon at the Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg stop. Connect to “CFL-FREE-WIFI” inside the train stations, surf the net and leave us your feedback. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, CFL Blog, Youtube12/6/2017 11:00:00 PM
Commuting between Belgium and Luxembourg cheaper from 1st December!Commuting between Belgium and Luxembourg cheaper from 1st December!Do you regularly take the train to go from Belgium to Luxembourg ? SNCB and CFL are offering you attractive formulas which are adapted to your requirements.​Take advantage of these offers from the 1st December. Belgium monthly season ticket (Abonnement Trajet Luxembourg)The Belgium monthly season ticket allows you to take an unlimited number of journeys between a SNCB train station of your choice and Luxembourg for a period of one month. In Luxembourg, the Belgium monthly season ticket is valid on all modes of public transport (AVL, CFL, RGTR and TICE lines).Your supplementary advantages from the 1st DecemberPrice reduction on your Section Season ticket. For example, the Season ticket Arlon - Luxembourg will only cost 80 € instead of 93,50 €. Parking at the SNCB stations is free of charge. From now on and as with all the stations of the borderzone, the SNCB parking at the Arlon station is free of charge. Find all the details of the Belgium monthly season ticket here. SNCB INFORMATIONSection Season ticket with Flex Pass (only available in Belgium)This train subscription enables all mPass beneficiaries, issued by the Verkéiersverbond, to travel from a Belgian station comprising part of the border area, to the first stations in Luxembourg (Troisvierges, Kleinbettingen or Athus), from which mPass serves as a ticket. Your supplementary advantages from the 1st DecemberMore choice The quarterly ticket exists also for the year.More freedom Your Flex Pass and mPass subscription validity don't have to be the same.Parking at the SNCB stations is free of charge. From now on and as with all the stations of the borderzone, the SNCB parking at the Arlon station is free of charge. Find out more about the Season tickets here. SNCB INFORMATION 12/5/2017 11:00:00 PM
New direct connection Luxembourg - Trier - Koblenz - DüsseldorfNew direct connection Luxembourg - Trier - Koblenz - DüsseldorfWith the new direct services Luxembourg - Düsseldorf, cities are getting closer.​Take advantage of the new direct services to the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. Visit the Old Town and go for a walk on the Rhine river banks.Don't miss the Rheinturm from which you have a breath-taking view. Go shopping on the Königsallee, called "Kö" by the locals, and appreciate the outstanding feeling of this exclusive fashion mile.This winter season, Düsseldorf hosts a number of Christmas markets and , on the 11th November, the town starts its 5th season, the world famous Carnival.Prices and reservationsSparpreis EuropaLuxembourg - Düsseldorf2nd class, from 19,90€ without reservation2nd class, from 23,90€ including reservation1st class, from 49,90€ reservation included in 1st classReservations can be made for2nd and 1st class seats6 bicycles2 wheelchairs (+attendant person) TimetableSearch for the connections which suits you best here.Further informationwww.duesseldorf-tourismus.deUse our App and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, CFL Blog, Youtube11/23/2017 11:00:00 PM
New schedules available in journey search modulesNew schedules available in journey search modulesInformations on timetable change have been integrated The CFL inform their customers that the new national schedules (effective from the timetable change on 10 December 2017) have been fully integrated in the journey search modules on and inside the CFL mobile smartphone application. International schedules and PDF schedules will be available no later than 15 November 2017.11/2/2017 11:00:00 PM
Go to the Christmas markets in France with CFL!Go to the Christmas markets in France with CFL!Take advantage of the direct HST/TGV services to visit the Christmas markets in Strasbourg and Colmar.​Thanks to the HST/TGV trains, join the French Christmas markets directly. The train assures you a simple and unrestrainedly journey from town centre to town centre. Plenty of space for your luggage, dedicated areas for couples, families or single travellers are only a few of the advantages to help you to arrive well-rested at your destination.Here some suggestions for the festive season which can be booked from CFL.Strasbourg, capital of ChristmasWorldwide acclaimed by travellers for the quality, reputation and the excellent choice of their Christmas market, Strasbourg, capital of Christmas has been designated "Best European Christmas Market 2015" by the organization "European Best Destinations". For this occasion, the town is beautifully attired and illuminated by dozens of kilometres of tinsel and magical Christmas decoration. The Christmas market, with its 300 stands spreading over a dozen sites, is open from 24th November to 24the December. Easy to reach 2 daily return services in one hour an a half from Luxembourg-City station.Colmar, magic of ChristmasThe beguiling charm of the Festive Season in Colmar will seduce you in an warm and intimate atmosphere from 24th November to 27th December.The magic of Christmas in Colmar is first of all the ambiance of the Old Town, illuminated and decorated like a fairy tale a historic setting made magical by the Christmas illuminations which, in this festive period, blend harmoniously with the wonderful lighting designed to enhance the town’s heritage, and lay a soothing aura of light over the centre of Colmar.Easy to reach 2 daily return services in a little more then 2 hours from Luxembourg-City station.TimetablesSearch for the connections which suits you best here.Book/purchase your ticketsEager to travel? Hesitate no more and book/buy your tickets online here.Sales channels and information Information and ticket offices at Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Ettelbruck or from our Call Center +352 2489 2489. 10/29/2017 11:00:00 PM
FLEX, Carsharing by CFLFLEX, Carsharing by CFLCarsharing for Luxembourg and the Grande Région ​Starting 2017, the CFL decided to invest in a Carsharing product in the Grand-Duchy and the Grande Région. Following that, the branch CFL Mobility was opened on 21st March 2017.Guided by manager Jürgen BERG, 20 employees are developing the service group FLEX, Carsharing by CFL. At present, this carsharing system is in its testing phase and is preparing for its commercial start.20 stations and 84 cars with combustion engines and electric cars will be waiting for clients on grand-ducal soil.Watch the news on and have a look at the FLEX Flyer (german version).10/24/2017 10:00:00 PM
Excursions in Germany: Discover our brochure! Excursions in Germany: Discover our brochure! Enjoy excursions in Germany on board our comfortable trains and take advantage of our direct connections between Luxembourg, Trier and Koblenz! Discover our brochure with many tips. The numerous direct connections we offer allow you to quickly reach a wide variety of cultural events and festivals. Be inspired by our travel tips and find all the ticket information in our brochureClick here to discover our brochure with many suggestions for day trips.With our Rheinland-Pfalz-Ticket-Plus-LU offers and the Tagesrückfahrkarte (day return ticket), you can travel to Trier and Koblenz (or to Luxembourg if you live in Germany) without changing train, on board our very comfortable double-decker trains.PricesTake advantage of our attractive fares prices start at €30 for the Rheinland-Pfalz-Ticket-Plus-LU (each additional passenger up to a maximum of 4, only pays €6). The price of a Tagesrückfahrkarte (day return ticket) starts at only €9.60.TimetablesSearch for the connections which suits you best here. 9/30/2017 10:00:00 PM
Travel high speed from Luxembourg to FranceTravel high speed from Luxembourg to FranceHolidays or short trip to Brittany or Aquitaine? Discover the varieties of landscapes, the cultural heritage of the hinterland and the beautiful and picturesque coast line. Go by TGV to the West of France from Luxembourg Station by Lorraine TGV or Paris. Here our ideas for the SummerPoitiers and the FuturoscopeVisit the Romanic heritage of Poitiers or try the new adventures in the Futuroscope. Easily done with the new TGV services.www.ot-poitiers.frwww.futuroscope.comBrest, Rennes and St MaloWith a jagged coastline interspersed with cliffs and inlets, charming fishing villages, extensive moorland and unspoilt islands, Brittany is an invigorating region and the inspiration for numerous artists. Why not profit of the shorter journey times to travel there? and South-Western FranceOr opt for a cultural and gastronomic trip to Aquitaine. From Luxembourg via Lorraine TGV or Paris join in a few hours Bordeaux and South-Western France.www.bordeaux-tourisme.comAnd still......Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Switzerland and many more destinations to discover by TGV services. Journey timesFind here the new journey times.TimetablesSearch for the connections which suits you best here.​Where to buy tickets?Tickets are available at the following sales channels - at the CFL desks in Luxembourg station - at the CFL Call Centre (Tel. 2489 2489)- or directly here 8/15/2017 10:00:00 PM
Press conference timetable change (December 2017) Press conference timetable change (December 2017) On Monday, June 26 2017, François Bausch, Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures, and Marc Wengler, General Director of CFL, presented the new timetable concept that will come into force on 10 December 2017.​The timetable change takes place in the context of the saturation of the railway network, a consequence of the sharp rise in passenger numbers, especially in the last 10 years (+ 60% between 2005 and 2015). Even if the travel offer (tighter timing, use of additional rolling stock) was regularly adjusted in the past, the rail network itself remained largely the same. This resulted in the creation of bottlenecks, among others in the central station of Luxembourg, the junction of the star-shaped Luxembourg railway network, as well as on the route sections Luxembourg - Bettembourg and Rodange - Petange. By commissioning two further stops, the Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg stop and the Howald station, from December 2017 the relief of these strategically important points of the railway network will be facilitated. At the the same time the access to the plateau of Kirchberg, Ban de Gasperich, Belval-Université or the Cloche d'Or, the workplace and residence of numerous passengers, will be eased. In addition, cross-connections will be provided to ensure direct and comfortable access to these new traffic nodes, starting from the different railway routes. Thanks to the close cooperation between an external consultant and internal experts, optimization potentials could be identified within the existing timetables and the resulting changes could be presented during the press conference. In the medium term, further large-scale projects will help to produce a high-quality and demand-oriented supply. Among other things, the construction of a second railway line between Bettembourg and Luxembourg, a second Pulvermühle viaduct or the extension of the Central Station in Luxembourg City, were presented on the occasion.The presentation of the press conference can be found here.7/4/2017 10:00:00 PM
New configuration of the bus platforms at Luxembourg stationNew configuration of the bus platforms at Luxembourg stationNews from the Luxembourg station bus terminal​FIND HERE THE NEW MAP OF THE PLATFORMS AT LUXEMBOURG STATION BUS TERMINAL FROM 3RD OF JULY 6/25/2017 10:00:00 PM
Night owls need to go home. CFL have the solution! Night owls need to go home. CFL have the solution! Night owls and culture lovers use our new night services. CFL get you safe to your destinations. ​The night trains, on line 10 and 60 are running the weekends from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday overnight as well as on holidays. No night services from 24th to 25th December. Departures from LuxembourgTo Troisvierges 0120 and 0330To Rodange 0118 et 0318TimetablesSearch for the connections which suits you best here.Ticket validityTickets which normally expire at 400 a.m. stay valid until the arrival of the night trains. 5/2/2017 10:00:00 PM
CFL hiking guide “1000 km Lëtzebuerg”CFL hiking guide “1000 km Lëtzebuerg”Do you know about the CFL hiking guide “1000 km Lëtzebuerg”? The tours in this practical standard publication lead you directly from station to station. ​This trilingual hiking guide (German, French and English) for cyclists and hikers contains 1,000 kilometres of routes across the country. In total, 44 hiking and 14 cycling tours are presented – including detailed descriptions of the tracks, altitude profiles and removable maps.For all cycling fans bicycles are carried free (the number of bicycle places on the trains is limited)."1000 km Lëtzebuerg" is available in all stations where you can buy tickets. The price is € 29.Order onlineYou can also order "1000 km Lëtzebuerg" online Click here to fill in the order form 3/12/2017 11:00:00 PM
TGV Luxembourg - Paris: buy your metro tickets at Luxembourg stationTGV Luxembourg - Paris: buy your metro tickets at Luxembourg stationTGV Luxembourg - Paris brings you swiftly to the heart of the City of Light. Buy your RATP ticket booklet with your TGV ticket before departure at Luxembourg station.​Are you visiting Paris or is your journey taking you to other destinations? Profit from our new offer! No queuing in Paris, make your life easier and buy your metro tickets before you leave Luxembourg.ValidityThe t+ ticket allows you to travel on- metro lines- RER lines (RATP and SNCF) within Paris (zone 1)- Ile-de-France bus lines (except Orlybus and Roissybus) - tramway lines (RATP and SNCF)- the Montmartre funicularFind all the details here.Connections from Gare de l'EstWhen you travel to Paris by train from Luxembourg, you arrive at Paris-Est. In most of the cases, you will have to change station to get to your connecting trains.Find here the important connections from Gare de l'Est.Paris Metro mapParis Metro map (including streets)Prices and sales channelsThe booklets T+ (10 tickets) are sold for 14,50 € at Luxembourg station and from our Call Center +352 2489 2489 More informationRATPCALL CENTER CFL 2/28/2017 11:00:00 PM
P&R Belval-Université : New junction "liaison Micheville"P&R Belval-Université : New junction "liaison Micheville"Park your car close to the station and get into the train! Season ticket holders can use the P&R for free.​The multi storey car park close to the Belval-Université station has space for 1.622 cars on 5 floors. Season ticket* holders can use it for free!Just show your season ticket* at the CFL counter at Belval-Université station an get your free parking ticket.The car park is open to public 24 hours a day for the price of 0,60 euro per hour. Find here the flyer Parking Belval.(*Abonnement mensuel/annuel réseau, mPass, Flexway/Flexpass SNCF, Oekocard/Flexpass DB, carte train mensuelle/Flexpass SNCB) 2/6/2017 11:00:00 PM
Quick and practical: book your ticket online!Quick and practical: book your ticket online!Do you want to buy your ticket without going to the station? Then buy it online and print out at home.​You can buy your ticket online for Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, London and Denmark.On our homepage, click on "Online Ticket", choose your country of destination, and that's it!On the day you travel, during the ticket inspection, you only have to show your printed ticket together with your ID.1/25/2017 11:00:00 PM
CFL goes real time!CFL goes real time!Find out in real time about the running of your train and disruptions occurring on your route. The new CFL app is available now! Any information regarding departures and arrivals is available on our website in real time.You can download the new CFL app now. The new design makes navigation more practical and fast. Available for IOS and Android.The new function allows viewing departures and arrivals in real time, meaning that if you indicate your departure station, you will be able to see whether your train is on time. All delays will be shown.Of course, this real time information will also be indicated if you carry out a timetable search on our website.Functions of the CFL appTimetables of international and national trains as well as national busesDepartures/arrivals in real timeSuggestions and complaints for the CFLUpdates on news and disruptions from the CFL12/20/2016 11:00:00 PM