Removal of level crossings 13 and 14 at Oberkorn

The increase of the cadence of the train and road traffic made it necessary to remove the level crossings 13 and 14 at Oberkorn.

The works consist of 4 parts.

Part 1 includes the works related to the removal of level crossing 14 as well as the construction of a substitution underpass allowing the passing under the tracks between the "rue Prince Henri" » and the "rue des Mines" by a new road connection.

In the same context, the stopping point of Oberkorn will be reconstructed and adapted to the needs of passengers with reduced mobility. It will be equipped with a pedestrian underpass accessible by stairs, elevators and ramps.

This new modern stopping point will be placed closer to the new installations of the « Parc des Sports » with which it will be directly connected. This connection will be the subject of a separate project initiated by the City of Differdange.

Part 2 is regrouping the works in order to remove level crossing 13. Particularly, a substitution road underpass, joining the "rue de la Gare" and the "rue Dalscheidt", will be constructed.

By part 3, a new pedestrian underpass will be constructed at the actual location of the level crossing 13 in order to maintain for the residents the direct passing under the railway tracks.

Part 4 includes the civil engineering works (realization of mast foundations) related to the renewal of the electric traction installations (catenaries) impacted by the works of part 1 to 3.