Doubling of the line Pétange-Luxembourg

​The aim of the project is to increase capacity on the railway line in view of the increase in passenger services between Luxembourg and Pétange and beyond to Virton (Belgium) and Longwy (France) respectively.

The double line was put into service on 5th November 2012. Since 9th December 2012, 99 trains per day are running on the line, as opposed to 49 trains before its de-doubling. A reserve capacity was also created for freight trains, this in case of incidents on the Pétange-Esch-Luxembourg line.


The project also aimed the improvement of the regularity and safety on the line as well as the improvement of services to passengers, in particular those with reduced mobility.


The following works were carried out:

    • renewal of the existing track and construction of a second track over a length of 18.1 km;
  • complete renewal of all existing electric traction installations and equipment for the new track in the 2x25 kV 50 Hz system;
  • improvement of the safety on the line by fitting the tracks with the ETCS system (European Train Control System);
  • complete reconstruction of the stops in Bascharage-Sanem, Schouweiler, Dippach-Reckange and Leudelange. These train stops now have ecological P&R parking facilities, bike shelters and parking places for motorcycles.
  • the 5 crossings existing on the line have been abolished or will shortly be abolished;
  • 44 bridges and aqueducts have been reconstructed, adapted or enlarged, of which 3 large projects spanning the A13 (Collectrice du Sud), A6 (Luxembourg - Belgium) and A4 (Luxembourg-Esch-sur-Alzette) motorways;
  • noise barriers have been put up all along the line.


The double track is operational at present, but related works continue.