New Kirchberg-Pfaffenthal (Pont Rouge) railway station

The future Kirchberg-Pfaffenthal (Pont Rouge) railway station will create a multi-transport hub connecting the Kirchberg plateau to rail services, and will allow travellers to get to the centre of Luxembourg by tram.

The Kirchberg-Pfaffenthal (Pont Rouge) railway station project integrates perfectly into the sustainable mobility strategy, answering the needs of growing numbers of public transport users.

Located at the foot of the Grand Duchess Charlotte bridge, or ‘Pont Rouge’, the new station will be served by trains coming from the north, south and west of the country and those extended to Kirchberg-Pfaffenthal railway station. This way, the Kirchberg-Pfaffenthal (Pont Rouge) station project will allow national and cross-border passengers to reach the Kirchberg plateau easily and comfortably.

The 40 m level difference between the north line and the Kirchberg plateau will be negotiated by two independent funicular railways (Shuttles). This solution has five advantages:


  • It is comfortable and quick (including for disabled people, passengers with luggage, pushchairs or bikes, etc.);

  • It is readily available, as the system will operate with two independent shuttles;

  • It is very safe;

  • It has only a limited impact on the landscape;

  • The time it will take passengers to travel from the railway station to the Fort Olizy tram stop is very attractive: under four minutes outside rush-hour.