Buses as a complement to trains

In 1952, the CFL acquired their first six buses, made by Chausson. The bus service initially operated in addition to the vicinal railway lines, before replacing them completely as of 24 September 1967. The CFL buses were incorporated into the 'Service coordonné CFL-CRL' (CFL-CRL Coordinated Service) before it was replaced by the 'Régime Général des Transports Routiers' (RGTR - General Road Transport System) which still exists today.

The CFL's fleet consists of 60 buses of eight different series, adapted to the requirements of urban and regional transport. On weekdays during school term time, CFL buses operate 560 journeys each day. In 2014 they transported a total of 4.4 million passengers.

The Luxemburg-Saarbrücken-Express was launched by the CFL in 2002 to link Luxembourg to Germany's ICE network and beyond. In 2014, no less than 133.738 people used this bus service, more than double the number of passengers in 2009, the year in which the number of journeys was extended.

The 'Gare Lorraine Express' bus shuttle links Luxembourg to Lorraine TGV station, which gives passengers access to many direct TGV (high-speed) trains to Reims, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Disneyland Paris, Bordeaux, etc.
In 2013, 10,063 passengers used the 'Gare Lorraine Express' bus, 1,100 more people than the previous year. In 2014, the number of passengers has risen again.




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