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The Luxembourgish National Railway Company or Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois - SNCFL was set up in 1946. Its shares are held by the state of Luxembourg (94%), as well as the states of Belgium (4%) and France (2%). The Board of Directors consists of 15 members, but CFL Group's daily management is in the hands of a committee currently consisting of five directors under the authority and responsibility of the general manager.

Through the service contract for public transport of passengers by road and rail, the state of Luxembourg has entrusted the CFL with national and cross-border passenger transport for the period 2010-2024.

Goods transport, a market that has been deregulated since 2007, is entrusted to CFL's subsidiaries CFL cargo and CFL Multimodal.

CFL has also become Luxembourg's railway infrastructure operator through a service contract addressing renewal, modernisation and extension of the network, railway infrastructure maintenance and operation of railway traffic. This mission was assigned to the company by the state of Luxembourg, who owns the country's railway infrastructure. 

The Luxembourgish Institute of Regulation (ILR) has been appointed as controlling body for the railway market. The Railway Administration (ACF) has been appointed national safety authority with a mission to guarantee interoperability between railway and railway safety systems, and independent authority for the repair of tracks and railway infrastructure classification.​