The safety of passengers and staff is a first priority for the CFL.


Through a solemn declaration distributed to all railway workers, safety has become the consideration that prevails above all others. The results speak for themselves. Train travel is by far the safest means of transport.​​​​​​​​​​​

10 Steps to rail cool​


Campagnes d​e sensibilisation​

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​​10 Steps to rail cool​

In February 2012, the CFL launched an awareness campaign, encouraging young people to behave in a safe and respectful manner.

The film entitled "10 steps to rail cool" was made by young people for young people in order to get the message across in a relaxed and fun way. It was made in co-operation with young actors from the Artistekëscht - Kanner an Jugendtheater Käl/Téiteng group.

The film can be found on

Also have a look at the rail cool leaflet related to the campaign and the solution to the game.

International Level Crossing Awareness-Day (ILCAD)


Under the slogans ‘Act safely at level crossings’ and ‘Aux passages à niveau, priorité à la vie’, the railway community is organising an International Level Crossing Awareness Day - ILCAD in more than 42 countries across the world in co-operation with a growing number of organisations from the road sector.

Since 2010, the CFL has been giving out a leaflet entitled "Ne jouez pas avec les feux" (Don’t play with fire) and posters about how to act at level crossings.

With the aim of making people aware of the rules to be respected at level crossings, 150.000 leaflets have been distributed in places such as schools located in the neighbourhood of level crossings, town halls, service stations and transport companies.

​​​Awareness-raising campaigns

The CFL regularly carry out awareness-raising campaigns.

  • Safety at level crossings

 Each year, the CFL take part in the International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD).

In order to raise awareness about the importance of following the highway code at level crossings, 150.000 leaflets were distributed in schools located close to level crossings, in local government offices, service stations and transport companies. One of these leaflets is entitled "Ne jouez pas avec les feux" (Don't gamble with level crossing lights), and the CFL also publishes posters entitled "Ne jouez pas avec les feux et Professionnel de la route" (Don't gamble with traffic lights and Road transport professionals).

Under the slogans "Act safely at level crossings" and "Aux passages à niveau, priorité à la vie" (Life has priority at level crossings), the railway community, in collaboration with a growing number of organisations in the road transport sector, is organising the International Level Crossing Awareness Day in over 42 countries worldwide.


  • Awareness-raising campaigns in schools

Schools and municipalities can ask the CFL to present awareness-raising campaigns aimed at young people. The training tools "Rail Cool Box" and "Kiddy Train Box" can be borrowed from the CFL. Send your request via e-mail to Ms Doris HORVATH ( at the Quality, Security and Environment department (QSE).

    • Rail Cool Box

 An awareness-raising campaign aimed at young people between the ages of 12 and 14 attending the first year of secondary school.

The awareness-raising session is based on a PowerPoint presentation and practical examples. It lasts for about 45 minutes and aims to encourage young people to behave safely and respectfully. The name of the campaign is "10 Steps to rail cool".

The "Rail Cool Box" includes all the tools required for the awareness-raising training.

A film entitled "10 Steps to rail cool" was shot by young people and for young people.

 Teaching aids to download:

    • Kiddy Train Box

Awareness-raising campaign aimed at children between the ages of four and eight years attending preschool or cycle 2 of primary school. It treats the existing dangers around railway lines.

  • What are the dangers?
  • How do you act?
  • Being a good example for others
  • What you should not do?

The campagne is based on one part on the story of "Léiwi" and "Fräschi" and their journey on a train, presented in the form of a book in the "Pixie" series and an other part on a practical and interactive example with Lego and some animated children's films about safety around railway lines.

Teaching aids to download:

Availability of the Kiddy Train Box or appointment for a presentation made by a CFL-collaborator



Department QSE

Ms Carole KREMER

Tel.: +352 4990 3774



  • Health and Safety Day

For five years running, the CFL have organised a Journée Sécurité et Santé (Health and Safety Day) for their staff, in order to prevent accidents.


  • Training sessions for firefighters

 Via their Quality, Security and Environment department (QSE), the CFL regularly organise theoretical and practical training sessions for trainees and active firefighters.

Useful information

If you own a property (plot of land, house, etc.) close to or alongside a railway track and you have any questions in relation to: 

  • roads or walls beside railway tracks;
  • plants or trees beside railway tracks;
  • safety distances from railway tracks;
  • development encroachment permits (permission de voirie – to be obtained in case of constructions or works near to railway tracks);

you are welcome to contact CFL-Immo SA.