The quality we provide must correspond to your needs

“The passenger is what is most important during a journey.“ André Suarès (1868-1948)

The Luxembourgish Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure (the MDDI), the Department of Transport and the CFL signed a Public Service Contract on 7th May 2009 with the aim of improving the quality on offer. The contract took effect on 1st January 2010 and will remain valid for a period of 15 years, until 31st December 2024.

The Public Service Contract covers all public transport service activities for passengers by road and rail and serves as a guideline for the CFL's approach to quality. On the one side, it addresses desired quality and quality achieved from the CFL's point of view and on the other, perceived quality and the quality customers expect. The facts and figures provided with regard to quality originate both from polls and complaints.

This way, the CFL's involved services, infrastructure management and the railway company itself are held to respect the Public Service Contract in order to guarantee a certain level of quality.

Infrastructure management occupies itself with directing customers towards stations, the upkeep of car parks and station surroundings, and puts up simple signposting inside the stations to point customers in the right direction.

 The railway company manages and maintains services to customers. Therefore, it takes  aspects into account such as: 

  • customer and staff safety;
  • punctuality of train and bus services;
  • continuity of services;
  • comfort in stations and at stops as well as on buses and trains;
  • cleanliness in stations and at stops as well as on buses and trains;
  • customer information;
  • staff competence and appearance;
  • customer complaints handling;
  • increasing service frequency.

The efforts made ultimately prove that the CFL constantly commits itself to guaranteeing maximum quality for its customers.

Passengers can submit any suggestions or complaints they may have via telephone number +352 4990 5555 (from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays) or via email